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Total Effective Equipment Productivity Calculator

Use the form below to perform Total Effective Equipment Productivity calculations. If you have questions or problems you can contact Statistical Solutions via E-mail by clicking the following link. Contact Us

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Enter values for php goal, total time and php actual. Click the Calculate button when finished.

PHP Goal (n)
Total Time (hrs)
PHP Actual (n)
   TEEP = %


2 Parts Per Hour | 1 week Total Time sampled (168 hours) = 336 parts | 112 parts (actually produced in 1 week)

336 / 112 = 33 .............TEEP is equal to 33%

What is TEEP you ask?

Total Effective Equipment Productivity or TEEP is a percentage figure that represents the portion of production of good parts versus total available time. (time being all hours in a day, all days in a month, and all months in a year)

PPH Goal - The maximum Parts Per Hour the equipment is capable of running as per OEM.

Total Time - The sample time frame in hours. IE: week, month, quarter, or year.

PPH Actual - The total actual good sellable parts ran on equipment during time frame.


*We suggest you also see the Overall Equipment Effectiveness Calculator (OEE).



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